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DE KLERK SAFARIS main headquarter is situated in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. The Kalahari Desert is very unique eco system and is not really a true desert with no rain, but more like an open savannah with lots of wildlife. It is famous for its huge black maned lions, enormous springbuck and other desert species. In addition to all the desert species DE KLERK SAFARIS also have buffalo, roan and sable on their properties.

DE KLERK SAFARIS owns several different ranches totaling 73 385 acres with more than 6 000 head of game in 30 different species roaming freely. DE KLERK SAFARIS are landowner / safari outfitter on their own properties and do not sublease the properties to other outfitters.

In addition to the privately owned ranches, DE KLERK SAFARIS have access and hunting rights to many more hunting concession all over South Africa and can offer their clients a wide variety of species.

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